9/26/2014 WRA National Fun Match Results at New Castle, IN


3-6 Month Puppy Dogs
1- PSF Bear Necessities
2- Dawn D'Mar's Pedal to the Metal
3- MissJIffs Jungle Fever of PSF
4- Wildabout Woodford

6-9 Month Puppy Dogs
1- Kentfields Darma Bum

9-12 Month Puppy Dogs
1- Mason Hill Talking To The Mooon
2- Shannon Down Hear Me Roar

3-6 Month Puppy Bitches
1- PSF Windage Desert Rose
2- Dawn D'Mar's High Speed Chase
3- Dawn D'Mar's Liv'n In The Fast Lane

6-9 Month Puppy Bitches
1- Shannon Down Wreck It Ralph
2- Shannon Down Brave

Best Puppy - Mason Hill Talking To the Moon
Best Opposite - PSF Windage Desert Rose


12-18 Month Dogs
1- Shadow Run Gar
2- Sureshot Suburban Cowboy
3- Nonstopp Rush
4- WildAbout Wind and Pancakes

Open Dogs
1- Talisman Spot On
2- Crosswinds Don't Stop Believin
3- Sureshot Powder Charge
4- Saesi Quintessential

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs
1- MissJiffs Mr. Boombastic
2- QuiXandz Wyndkist BAM
3- Rosewood's Quicksilver

Minor Titled Dogs
1- Wildhare Good Ride Cowboy
2- WildAbout Smoking Loon
3- Nonstopp Nadal of Wyndsor
4- Casino's Kozma Rialcel at Keggans

Bench Champion Dogs
1- Willabee Coqpoke Caleb
2- Wildwood's All Four On The Floor
3- Shaldra's McLaren at Ashley Manor

Race Champion Dogs
1- WildAbout Windwalker
2- ShannonDown Ball of Fire
3- Bitterblue's Eel Pie Skiffle
4- Vitesse Deep Powder

Altered Dogs
1- Woodbe Awesome Sauce

12-18 Month Bitches
1- Longrun's Summer Breeze
2- SWD Imagine All The Vivid Moves
3- SWD Lennon's Right Imagination

Open Bitches
1- Vics Glorious Intention
2- (Chloe)
3- ShannonDown Color My World

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches
1- Longrun's Mercy Me
2- Domino Frabjous Fascinatior
3- WildAbout The Zen of Zin
4- Rosewood's Trix of the Trade

Minor Titled Bitches
1- MissJiffs Ripple Effect
2- Dawn D'Mar's Pocket Pistol
3- Curas Deception Dance

Bench Champion Bitches
1- Shaldra's Bugattia At Ashley Manor

Race Champion Bitches
1- Bitterblue's Treacle Tart
2- Domino Blue Moon
3- Windwalker Pandy Time

Altered Bitches
1- Shannon Down Surf's Up

Best Adult - Willabe Cowboy Caleb
Best Opposite Adult - Vics Glorious Intention


Veteran Dogs 7-10 years
1- Templar DirT Whisk E River
2- Vitesse Full Pull
3- WildAbout Windwalker Amaze
4- Notorious Poeta Fudge Fandango

Veteran Dogs 10-12 years
1- Wildabout Saesi Mr. Syd Barrett
2- Notorious Weavers Poet
3- Wildaobut Saesi Petty Gossip

Veteran Dogs 12+ years
1- Bitterblue's Nestor
2- Hot Topic

Veteran Bitches 7-10 years
1- WildAbout The Spirit of Windwalker
2- Rosewood's Screaming Mimi

Veteran Bitches 10-12 years
1- Longrun's Amazing Grace

Veteran Bitches 12+ years
1- Do It Right And Get Lucky
2- Miss Daisy of Wyndsor
3- Windwalker Star Spangled

Best Veteran - Templar DirT Whisk E River
Best Veteran Opposite - Longrun's Amazing Grace


"Gluteus Maximus" Dogs
1- WildAbout Double Dog Dare

"Gluteus Maximus" Bitches
1- Saesi Perpetual Rythym