Photos from some of our meets!
(Thanks to Annie Kelsey,Trent Rees, Lisa Goucher, Melinda Soules, and Sue Dale!)

Top ten from the March 31, 2018 WRA Meet...
Tedder, Jonesy, Sugar, Moodith, Torrie, Chatter, Mac, Deal, Divit, Finch

Top ten from the September 30, 2017 WRA National Meet...
AJ, Luca, Bubba, Holder, Ninja, English, Shindig, Zzyzx, Bull, Moodith

Top ten from the October 1, 2017 NOTRA National Meet...
Trane, Blitz, Sexxy Beast, Luna, Gerard, Rookie, Mambo, Etta, Slingshot, Cammie

Top ten from the October 1, 2016 WRA Meet...
Bull, Sugar, AJ, DannO, Jag, Tuff, Reba, Raylee, Jasmine, Sprout

Top ten from the October 2, 2016  NOTRA Meet...
Etta, Bull, Rumor, Shea, CJ, Piper, EEgo, DannO, Raylee, Gossip

Top ten from the April 2, 2016 WRA Meet...
Bull, Loona, Reba, (Holliday), Jasmine, Kenny P., Sprout, Kashi, CJ, Carp Jr.


Top ten from the September 27, 2015 NOTRA Meet...
Holliday, Journey, Zip, JiJi, Atsuko, Marvel, Aiden, Shea, Jasmine, Fig.

Top ten from the September 26, 2015 WRA Meet...
Holliday, Bull, Tuff, Kenny P, Mac, Jasmine, Hoax, Doller, Pogue, Shea.

Top ten from the May 3, 2015 NOTRA Meet...
Bull, Holliday, Tatum, Tuff, Journey, (Will), (Atsuko), (Akiko), EEgo, and Ursula

Top ten from the May 2, 2015 WRA Meet...
Holliday, Bull, Tuff, Mia, Timmee, Dollar, Kenny, Hoax, Journey, and Shelby

Top ten from the April 18, 2015 WRA Meet...
Busy, Holliday, Kenny P, Bandit, Vic, Tuff, Shea, Hoax, Shelby, Annie.

Top ten from the September 27, 2014 WRA National...
Zzyzx, Basilisk, English, Switch, Bam, Etta, Bayou, Curlin, Turbo, Skiffle.

Top ten from the April 20, 2014 WRA...
Holliday, Busy, Bull, Indy, Bullet, Bandit, Nova, Lotus, Tuff, Red.

Top ten from the March 30, 2014 WRA...
Timmee, Holliday, Indy, Bandit, Aiden, Nova, Bull, Bullet, and Tutu.

Top ten from the March 29, 2014 WRA...
Tuff, Holliday, Nova, Kenny, Bull, Riot, Hoax, Tutu, Threat, Briony.

Top ten from the September 28, 2013 WRA...
Timmy, Tuff, Indy, Bull, Holliday, bullet, Phoebe, Hoax, Red, Hermes.

Top ten from the May 4, 2013 WRA...
Timmee, Bandit, Indy, Holliday, Nova, Bullet, Mac, Lotus, Schooner, Riot

Top ten from the March 31, 2013 WRA...
Ryan, Byelobog, Schooner, Nova, Mia, Mac, Yuma, Pickles, Fig, Skadoosh!

Top ten from the May 5, 2012 WRA...
Ryan, Schooner, Timmee, Indy, Colt, Bandit, Mia, Sunny, Keechi, and Skadoosh!

Racin' women from Fargo!

Neither sleet, nor snow, nor rain...  It takes a lot to stop an  IWC meet.

#1 Jasmine, #2 Busy, #3 Bull, #4 Kenny P., #5 Holliday, #6 Sprout

The beginning of "camporama" September 26, 2015, which ended up with 22 people.

Annie multitasking!

Levi and Brent share some serious football talk.  Mushu just wants to race.

Rain, sleet, snow.... Doesn't matter.  The racing is still HOT. 
Try judging THESE without a camera to go to!

Lining up for check-in.

The big picture.

Donuts in the morning.

The patented "Rees Squirrel Lure".

A good box break...

... is most important.

The thunder of paws...

A perfect view from the parking area.

Visitors are always welcome!

Easter egg hunt at lunchtime!

Heading into the turn.

Cooling off in the dog pool.

The next generation of racers.

Annie's fabulous trophy table.

You know what they say about
folks in the midwest. 
It may be true.

Speed was evident everywhere you looked.

Future racer!

Everybody's favorite lure and lure lad.

Raffle winner!

The start of the last high point in the September 2012 WRA...
#1 Indy, #2 Schooner, #3 Ryan, #4 Nova, #5 Timmee, #6 Mia

The first ever Division II winners...
AkaSha, Khayman, and Stevee

Top five from the September 2012 WRA... Ryan, Timmee, Indy, Nova, and Mia

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